F*** Yeah, It’s Art


“I think humor is sacred, I really do.  It’s my sacred mission.  I think humor is the most important thing we have, as human beings.  It’s thought as a lesser thing, but it’s really our most sacred quality…and without it, we’re dead.”

I was introduced to the marvel that is Wayne White today.  Some of you may know his name, however, for those who don’t, he’s part of the genius behind the sets of PeeWee’s Playhouse, Beakman’s World and The Weird Al Show, videos such as the Smashing Pumpkins’ Tonight, Tonight and Peter Gabriel’s Big Time, and a gallery’s worth of paintings.

In 2012, “Beauty Is Embarrassing” was released, a documentary on his life.  I’m a quarter way through it and HAD to share it with you,  I think it’s that great, that fresh, that important.  He takes the conventional, oftentimes-staid ideas of the art world and turns them on their heads.  As someone currently struggling with the fear associated with declaring one’s work ‘art,’ this came at the perfect time.

The trailer is found below…I’d heartily endorse running out right now and finding a copy to watch. ♥


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