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Kristin Peterson: The Lost Tapes

Kristin Peterson, Toronto Bloggess Extraordinaire, Queen of LOL and author of mytorontoeh, acquiesced to play Twenty Questions with me – yay!  For the great unwashed, mytorontoeh is an hilarious and irreverent blog that celebrates all that is Toronto’s diverse and wonderful, with a healthy dose of blue humour and current events.Without any undue further ado, here’s Kristin:

What’s your inspiration for mytorontoeh?  What drives it?

KP: mytorontoeh was started as a real estate blog, to bring humanity into the service and to focus on the East end…but then it got personal and about other stuff.  I think a lot, and so it is a way to vent and let stuff seep out in a humourous way.

Walk me through your day.

KP: Wake up at 7:00, take dog out, make lunches, then go to gym…sometimes do open houses midday, do a chore, come home, do interwebz, pour wine, blog, make dinner, eat, drink wine, watch TV!

Tell me a bit about your first smooch (if you will).

KP: I dragged Bobby Pennefather to a dark spot in the backyard of a house party after having my first drunky time, we made out and my knees shook! Never saw him again because he went to a Catholic school.

Funniest drink-came-out-my-nose moment:

KP:  Drink out of nose moment: a train ride to Montreal where my friend and I were making fun of the French Canadian couple behind us…we were 45.

Joan Harris (née Holloway) or Peggy Olson?

KP: Duh, Joan Harris. I think about her all the time.

Favourite Toronto ‘hood and why?

KP: The beach; it’s where I live, I like the vibe.

What’s the most intriguing object in your home?

KP: My two curio cabinets that are filled with tchotchkes and were made by a cute Dutch man in the beach.

Best…TV show…ever:

KP: That’s a Sophie’s Choice question! “Take my little girl!”  I’m picking Sex and the City over Gilmore Girls because it came first.

Best self-absorbed, crazy celebrity religion:  Scientology or Kabbalah?

KP: Anything a celebrity does is crazy and self absorbed, it seems, but I’ll pick Kabbalah because Madonna and Demi Moore are into it.

Most memorable celebrity meet/sighting:

KP: Nick Nolte drunk in Yorkville at high noon.

Favourite cuss word or expression:

KP: Feck and shite – I like the way the Brits say it.

Past fad that should make a comeback:

KP: 1960s makeup with false lashes in the day and lots of eyeliner, bouffant hair, too, while we’re at it.

Past fad that should never again see the light of day:

KP: Women should never wear bra tops as tops in public – even at the gym – I don’t want to see your fat roll (or your spleen if you’re skinny).

What’s in the fridge?

KP: Lots of meat, duh, wild boar bacon and spicy salami. I have massive butcher crush. (Ed. note:  She really does.)

Fave vacuuming-naked-because-life-is-just-grand song:

KP: I like 70s soul, R&B: the Wedding Bell Blues is a good one to vacuum to.

Fave openly-weep-into-your-wine-coz-life-sucks-so-bad song:

KP: Major Tom – I’m scared of getting lost in space, and that song is just saaaaad.

Indie-chick cool factor nonpareil: Zoe Deschanel or Ellen Page?

KP: Can’t choose! (Ed. note:  I couldn’t either, I just wanted to know what Kristin thought.)

Words of wisdom for other single chicks in the city?

KP: Stop looking for Mr. Right, if you want a baby, have a baby, but don’t get married because you think a baby needs a father, or because all your friends are doing it.

I really just wanna say….:

KP: “Take care of each other.”

When are we gonna spend the day in our jammies again?

KP: We’re going to have to do it in November! (Ed. note:  It won’t come soon enough!)


Git yourselves over to mytorontoeh dot com!


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