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My Granny: Kin of Gandalf?

Before anyone has the nerve to suggest that this is disrespectful, I just want to say that I loved my Granny more than anything.  She was the first adult I became taller than.  She sprayed me religiously with Off! every summer day camp morning in Leaside.  She adored my Grandpa.  She made a formal Sunday dinner each week.  She was proper and good.  She had classic fashion sense.  She raised three good children who became great adults.  She was caring and kind throughout her entire life.  It just so happens that I came across a picture and discovered she also looked a bit like a certain, beloved Tolkien wizard.

Doesn’t surprise me.  She was magical.

Sir Ian McKellan

My Granny (Mildred Dale Lee ) in the Shire

Gandalf the White

“You know, there’s more than a passing resemblance!”


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